Blast That Body Fat!

Change your metabolism.

There are ways to really blast that body fat rather than just trying to coax it to leave. Dieting alone will probably never get you completely to your goal, although it certainly is an important part of it. Even if you have added cardiovascular exercise to your health routine, there is something more that will really turn on the fat blasters.

You have got to get your metabolism to work for you rather than against you. All fat, short of surgery, leaves your body by metabolic action. In other words, your body has to burn the fat as energy. Your metabolism is the process by which this happens. If you have a slow metabolism then you will have a hard time getting rid of fat. If you have a high metabolism then you will lose fat easily. You need to change your metabolism so it will بازی انفجار body fat for you, even when you are resting.

Blast Fat 24/7

Don’t get me wrong, changing the way you eat is a very important step in the process of changing your metabolism. The way to change it may surprise you. For instance, sometimes eating less works against your best interests in blasting fat because it slows down your metabolism and in the long run you burn less fat and have a harder time keeping it off. Eating more of the right kinds of food can boost your metabolism and help you blast fat. Programs such as the EODD diet use caloric cycling to keep the body’s metabolism high.

Boosting your metabolism while you work out is pretty normal but it is not enough because it would take a couple of full-out soccer games just to metabolize a Big Mac. The big secret is boosting your resting metabolism. You need to get your body to blast more fat while you are not panting and sweating on the treadmill. You need to get your body to blast fat 24/7. Diets like the EODD Diet and Fat Loss 4 Idiots can maximize your metabolism and get it working for you 24/7.

Blasting Fat When You Are Not Exercising.

Have you ever seen those skinny guys that can go into the Golden Corral — what a bad name for a restaurant-and break the bank eating but never gain an ounce? Then they complain about needing to gain weight. It makes you want to take the doughnut you’re scarfing and shove it down their pie hole-only its a chocolate covered doughnut with sprinkles so you don’t.

The reason that they never gain weight is because they have an ultra-high resting metabolism. Now you and I will never have a resting metabolism that high or we wouldn’t be reading this article, but we can do things to increase our resting metabolism and reap the fat blasting benefits.

We want our bodies blasting fat long after we have hung up the gym shorts and caught our breath.

Get That Resting Metabolism Up!

Would you believe that your body has a memory? Well, it does. Once you get to the point that you can exercise for 45 minuets or longer with out too much effort, you need to pick a new exercise. Shake up that body and don’t let it get used to any routine because it will adapt to it and blast less fat. You can fool your body by changing up your exercise and eating routines. Add more minutes or increase the amount of weight you are using. You can even change from jogging to swimming etc. This process is called Caloric Cycling. For instance when using the EODD diet you will have burn days where yo eat lean proteins and feed days where you will eat things like pizza and believe it or not you lose weight faster than if you were just cutting calories. In fact the on EODD diet you don’t even count calories.