Copper Box Chain Jewelry a Graceful Accessory

Copper box chains are a hot jewelry style and are very popular versions of the look. They are at home with nearly any fashions you want to wear. The look is relaxed and you can switch from casual to dressy with ease. It gives a bolder look with lots of chain links to create plenty of texture.

About Box chain

Box chains are as name indicates looks like a line of little boxes linked together fashioned in such a way was to create a square shape. Most of them available in markets are small and light weight. มวยออนไลน์ looks brighter than some other chains as it has flat surface that reflects light. The chains are popularly used for hanging pendants and claims. Box chain being delicate and thin may break fast. Naturally the thicker the box link will be the stronger the chain will be.

Copper metal as used in jewelry

Copper is a soft metal often used in jewelry. It is used in making bronze, brass and gold alloys. Copper is malleable and ductile and is used extensively. Azurite is a beautiful copper-based blue mineral that is often used in jewelry. Copper box chains are available in different sizes as 14inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 24 inch and 30 inch lengths.

The copper box chain line up:

1. Vintage copper- bronze box chain: Beautiful vintage brass chain does not have loops at the ends for attaching a clasp. You will receive 7 feet of chain.

2. Copper box chain, 18″: this elegant copper chain is made up of light square links that give it a lovely shine and a luxuriously smooth feel against the skin. Beautiful on its own, or as a platform for show casing your favorite pendants it offers excellent quality and durability as well as a streamlined contemporary look.

All these copper box chains are easily available in the market, but before you buy check the quality of the chain. With everything, so easily available online, box chains are also very hot selling item on internet. Keep you ears open so that you do not miss on good deals and discounts.


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