Vertical Jump Training – What Correct Training is All About


Here’s what correct vertical training is really all about. The first thing you’ve got to understand is strength plus quickness equals explosion. So when strength and quickness are applied during the same muscle contraction, explosion is the result. So you’ve got to maximize your muscle strength and you’ve got to maximize your muscle quickness and neurological response to create that explosion.

Endurance vs Explosion

Training your بازی انفجار is counterintuitive. Most of you are training like this. You go out there and you train for an hour, you’re training very hard and you’re sweating and you feel the burn and you think you’re training correctly. Most of you are not. You have to train in what’s called the improvement zone. So basically improvement zone means this:

If your maximum vertical jump is 32 inches, and most of your training is done at a 12 inch intensity, what are you really training yourself to do? You’re training yourself to jump at 12 inches over a long period of time. You’re training your jumping endurance. Any time you pace yourself, any time you try and incorporate less intensity to accommodate more repetition, you’re training your jumping endurance, and not your explosion.

That’s going to be really hard to change your paradigm on that. Never pace yourself, always emulate explosion, and always push to the max. If you push to the max you’re going to climb a little bit each workout and that’s going to be noticeable over a period of time. You’ve got to work smarter and harder. This is all about quality versus the quantity. I’ve known tons of people who have trained very very hard with minimal results.

Let me give you another example. If you were a sprinter training for the 100 meter dash, and your coach said you’ve got to run two miles every day, and it’s going to train you for that 100 meter dash. After that workout you’re going to be tired and sweaty and what are you going to be? You’re going to be training your endurance. No sprinter is going to train by running the mile or two mile to run the 100 meter dash. You’re training the wrong type of muscle fiber.

So as long as you continue training your endurance, you are not going to be training the right type of fast twitch muscle fiber. It’s going to give you a false sense of progression.